How to Rank New Website in Google

How to rank new website in google

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So you have spent a lot of time on your website and finally made it live today. You have put all your creative prowess and are confident that it will bring in the business that you imagined. But now some time has passed and you are eagerly waiting to hear the notification ring or contact form submission to arrive. It’s been an hour and nothing has happened! You start to question your ability and all the sweat and blood you have put into this website.

Don’t get annoyed, let’s solve this mystery together.

The Basic Idea About Rank Website In Google

Ranking a new website is a long-term process. It definitely takes some time to get there, but with correct strategies, you will be able to rank your website and bring in high-quality organic traffic for long. Before you get into all the nitty-gritty stuff, you need to have the correct mindset. To start with this you would definitely want to make your website appear when someone searches for a keyword related to your niche and field.

  • Start with Technical Optimization:

Technical optimization for a new website is as important as a strong foundation for a house. The basic goal here is to create a website for actual human visitors, and not for machines. So firstly, the website should be user-friendly and easy to navigate. It should also be responsive and have a fast loading speed for excellent user experience.  Another thing to keep in mind is that the website should be mobile-friendly. It should be able to mold itself according to the device. These are a few things that will make your website snappy and responsive to use.

  • Keyword research

Keyword research is a fundamental part of SEO.  Start with deciding which keywords do you want your website to rank for. These are also called ‘targeted keywords’. These keywords should basically be related to your business and niche. For eg., if you are a business of sports shoes, then it could be ‘sports shoes’, ‘running shoes’ or any other related phrase.

Randomly searching or guessing for the keywords might not be an efficient way for your research. But you need to analyze their competition and volume. For a better system, there are several tools like Google Keyword Planner that will help you out to estimate the value and popularity of the keywords.

  • Optimize pages for your target keywords

Now that you have chosen the targeted keywords, you have to work your way around and optimize the website according to those keywords. Each page of your website should have one primary keyword for proper optimization. You can optimize headings, insert keywords in your website’s URL, have click-worthy title tags and meta descriptions. Another important thing to do is to write keyword-rich content for the pages. This will help Google to comprehend your website and pages clearly.

  • Make Google find and index your website

Indexing on google is when the bots or spiders crawl from site to site and gather information from the internet. It is important to index your website on Google so that it can be seen in the search results. However, this is not a one-time task. It is important that your site is crawled and indexed by the bots again and again. In short, frequent indexing tends to improve your search results. Sometimes indexing your website on Google can be an arduous task but there are tools available to simplify the process. Although, the most important and widely used ones are Google Search Console and Yoast SEO. These help you monitor your website’s presence in Google index and easily optimize it for search.

  • Create and update appropriate content for more traffic

To increase the traffic on your website, you can create a blog page that has informational keywords in its content. This will bring valuable visitors and get more ranking to your site. The content should ideally be “evergreen”, which means that it will be able to bring traffic to your website well after it is created. When your content is ready, make sure it is optimized well with the SEO friendly content. For this, you need to include relevant keywords that would help the content rank on the internet.

For incorporating appropriate keywords in your content, you can first conduct keyword research that your potential customers are googling. There are websites like BuzzSumo that help you find popular topics in your niche. Ahrefs and SemRush are also great platforms to estimate the search difficulty and volume of the chosen keywords. Also, adding a few relevant links from your own sites and other external links in your content will aid it in performing well.

Basically in the long term, you would want to adopt the philosophy of long-term value creation.

  • Procure backlinks

Backlinks basically convince Google that your website is credible and worth ranking. Google owns and operates several online services and you can easily get backlinks from them.

Here’s a quick way to use this technique.

For example, you published an informative, evergreen blog on your blog page. Now you can just make a video inspired by the same by highlighting two to three essential ideas, upload it on YouTube channel and the video page. And bam! You get the backlink to YouTube for your new website! In a similar way, you can create content on different platforms related to the content on your website, and earn yourself the backlinks of those websites.

Another way to acquire backlinks is to guest post. It generally involves guest posting on other high authority blogs in your niche and writing a piece of content for them. After you post for them, you can put that link back to your website.

  • Active on social media

To bring in more traffic to your website, you can join three relevant social media platforms and share your assets. This will be an aid for you to receive high-quality visitors as well as backlinks. For eg., you chose Facebook. Now you can join a few groups related to your niche and share your products and articles on those groups. You can even comment on a few existing posts and discussions. Also, whenever other people comment on your posts, responding to them starts building trust. This will ensure that potential customers will come and explore your website. And maybe, a few of them might bring in business for you!

There you go! You’ve made major progress in building about How to Rank New Website in Google to gain a steady flow of visitors and businesses. But remember this is an ongoing process. With the right SEO tactics, your site can rank up higher in the Google search results. Don’t forget to monitor your traffic with Google Analytics and keep an eye on your performance.

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How to rank new website in google

How to Rank New Website in Google

So you have spent a lot of time on your website and finally made it live today. You have put all your creative prowess and


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